To all the Zombies who do NOT overthink

Overthinkers, Assemble! Its time to talk.

Certain days, your brain is broken.

I mean, the brain goes so much beyond the optimum level of working that it starts giving you the insights that you must have had on a span of 5 days in a single speck of a second.

That sounds so cool. Right!

No. It is not. It works like a biscuit factory with a broken belt producing biscuits endlessly. It is all fine until the biscuits fill your factory, sinking you and your employees within the pile of your product.

Just like your thoughts. It's all fine until you take yourselves and the people around you into the pile of your over-processed thoughts.

Welcome to the world of OVERTHINKERS. Think beyond and yonder the normalcy over every aspect and state of affair, even if it seems to be unnecessary. This is what we do here.

For all the people who are part of this world, and all the other zombies who think we are some kind of aliens, would be eager to relate and know all the things that we, Overthinkers do and think about.

So, here's a list of 5 things that Overthinkers can easily relate to and that the zombies need to understand.

1. The obvious: The endless blame on our “Overthinking”

If you are a habitual overthinker (like Janki of “The Tinder Date”), you would definitely have friends who are jaded with your anxieties and worries.

And it would definitely be a kick in your teeth when they start blaming even your genuine worries to be part of “Overthinking”.

You get sick of their blame more than them being sick of your thoughts!

2. People have a solution for you: Yoga or Meditation

Whenever people find you in distress, the very next thing they offer you is the ultimate solution that you would have never thought of in your entire life — “Yaar, try Yoga and meditation. You need it.

I have tried both. For a very long time. But, after that very long time only I understood that I unknowingly cheating during meditation sessions by either overthinking why she didn’t text me yesterday or what my next moment of life would be. I lose track after a couple of breathe ins and breathe outs.

The problem itself destroyed the “CURE”.

3. We tend to relive the situations

Well, truth be told, I usually have situations where I relive an old embarrassing situation in my head and think of the other zillion possibilities that would have happened and start blaming myself for that one possibility that occurred by nature and destroyed everything — Now it has destroyed my present-day-mood too.

Without realising that no good is going to come out of this habit, we still do it whenever we get time, especially when you try hard to fall asleep, when you try to find out an answer during an exam or guess what, when you are asked your name in an interview!

4. Quick decisions are a big NO-NO

TBH, my friends are all sick of me cutting myself out of all the plans that they make and being a spoilsport. You cannot say a sudden yes to a trip (even if you long so hard to be on that), or a coffee date (thinking how bad it can go) or anything of that sort.

It's not your fault dear, you will always have a list of consequences to ‘deal’ with if anything goes wrong!

5. You practice each and every line in your head

One perk of being an overthinker; You would never go out of lines to talk to at any situation, cuz you would have already played the whole scene and performed each line that you would say and anticipate all possible replies and the re-replies for all of them.

But, with this, you are seeing non-happening worse situations too and being a bit hard on yourself.

And the worst comes, when someone leaves you on half conversation and details.

“We need to talk”, “I’ve gotta tell you something”, “ What did you do?”. Asking these questions and leaving you unread for hours is the TOXIC TRAIT the world needs to leave behind. C’mon people!

To all the Zombies who do NOT overthink:

You know we are the perfect people to approach when you are in a situation because we can be your Dr. Strange.

But, you know what, do not be pissed off at us, when we are not able to get out of the whole mess of thoughts and not ‘rise to the situation’.

Also, do not think you can just act and pass with us, because, all your little actions can make us happy as well as sad in the way that you cannot imagine.

And, you, who think you are NOT an overthinker, have you ever sat down just to have a talk with yourself, or have you ACTED so busy then too so you could just escape?

Everyones an overthinker deep within, but having the control over it, is different for everyone. Knowing the point when your thoughts start to consume you, is a blessing in disguise, cuz having that protection is your keyhole of sunshine.

In the end, let us be kind towards each other, check on with everyone around, and help when there’s a need, cuz the world needs more positivity now and it already has hatred and mean things going fully-fledged.

If you have an overthinking friend or have at times blamed them for the same, share it away and bring a smile on someone :)

So, that’s it. I love you all. Peace Out.



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